New collaboration with Hip/Hop artist “Wedlock”

Hey. I’ve just finished orchestral arrangements of two hip/hop tracks by Virginia based artist “Wedlock”. These will be featured as bonus tracks on his upcoming album “Revisionary” Have a listen!    

Soundtrack to “Umformung” wins award at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

My music written for the film “Umformung – The Transformation” has won Best Background Score at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. That brings the total number of its awards to nine. Have a listen to that soundtrack here: Soundtrack to “Umformung- The Transformation” by Paul Cecchetti- Composer

Kontakt Library: Yamaha Portasound MK-100 (1983)

A free sampled Kontakt library of the Yamaha MK-100 Synth. Includes all 12 voices. Patch List: Organ Trumpet Saxophone Piano Harpsichord Synthe 1 Piccolo Violin Oboe Music Box Guitar Synthe 2 Download

Full List of MIDI CC Numbers

MIDI CC Controller Name Comment 0 Bank Select Allows user to switch bank for patch selection. Program change used with Bank Select. MIDI can access 16,384 patches per MIDI channel. 1 Modulation Wheel Generally this CC controls a vibrato effect (pitch, loudness, brightness). What is modulated is based on the patch. 2 Breath Controller Often associated with aftertouch messages. It …

How to Add a filter sweep in Studio One 2

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to add a filter sweep in Presonus Studio One. The filter sweep is a staple technique for electronic musicians, particularly handy for adding pace and tension to transitions and breakdowns in dance music. At its most basic level, it is nothing more than automating an EQ plugin on an audio signal.     1. …

How to use keyswitches to cycle between patches in Kontakt 4+

Here’s a multiscript for Kontakt 4+ that allows you to route MIDI input to different MIDI channels based on user-defined keyswitches. The KS Router multiscript is a powerful system for combining multiple MIDI channels into a single MIDI channel, allowing you to dynamically switch between these MIDI channels by way of latching keyswitches. This is especially useful if a library …

How to use Instrument Banks in Kontakt

1. Click File -> New Instrument Bank     2. Click the wrench icon     3. Add some patches   4. In the piano roll, add a program change parameter to the automation lane     5. Cycle the patches using the breakpoint curve     That’s it. Now the articulation patches will change as the song plays.