“Day of Conquest” – New Musical Premiere in Hawaii

It’s been my privilege to collaborate with the Lānaʻi Academy of Performing Arts on their upcoming musical “Day of Conquest: A Story of Kaululaʻau”

When a rebellious young prince is banished to the island of life-taking spirit, he must learn to rely on the island’s unique resources to survive. Aided by only his tricks and the enigmatic god, Lono, Kaululāʻau’s epic journey around ancient Lānaʻi brings him face to face with a wild array of ghost-gods who force him to finally choose between being a reckless troublemaker and being a leader of the land.

The show is based on the legend of Kaululāʻau, and how he rid the Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi of harmful spirits. This tale is also one account of how Lānaʻi got its name — Lā, “day”; naʻi, “to conquer, strive to obtain, or endeavor to understand”.

I arranged the orchestral parts to the tunes, which were composed by Matt Glickstein of the LAPA

The show premieres on October 10

More info at their website