Full List of MIDI CC Numbers

MIDI CCController NameComment
0Bank SelectAllows user to switch bank for patch selection. Program change used with Bank
Select. MIDI can access 16,384 patches per MIDI channel.
1Modulation Wheel Generally this CC controls a vibrato effect (pitch, loudness, brightness). What is modulated is based on the patch.
2Breath ControllerOften associated with aftertouch messages. It was originally intended for use with a breath MIDI controller in which blowing harder produced higher MIDI control values. It can be used for modulation as well.
4Foot ControllerOften used with aftertouch messages. It can send a continuous stream of values based on how the pedal is used.
5Portamento TimeControls portamento rate to slide between 2 notes played subsequently.
6Data Entry MSBControls value for NRPN or RPN parameters
7Main VolumeControls the volume of the channel
8BalanceControls the left and right balance, generally for stereo patches.
10PanControls the left and right balance, generally for mono patches.
0= hard left, 64 = center, 127 = hard right
11ExpressionExpression is a percentage of volume (CC7).
12Effect Control 1Usually used to control a parameter of an effect within the synth/workstation.
13Effect Control 2Usually used to control a parameter of an effect within the synth/workstation
16-19General Purpose Controllers (Nos. 1-4)
32-63LSB for Controllers 0-31 (rarely implemented)
64Damper Pedal (Sustain) [Data Byte of 0-63=0ff, 64-127=On]On/Off switch that controls sustain. (See also Sostenuto CC 66)
0 -63 = Off, 64 -127 = On
65PortamentoOn/Off switch
0 -63 = Off, 64 -127 = On
66SostenutoOn/Off switch – Like the Sustain controller (CC 64), However it only holds notes that were “On” when the pedal was pressed. People use it to “hold” chords” and play melodies over the held chord.
0 – 63 = Off, 64 -127 = On
67Soft PedalOn/Off switch
Lowers the volume of notes played.
0 – 63 = Off, 64 – 127 = On
68Legato FootswitchOn/Off switch
Turns Legato effect between 2 subsequent notes On or Off.
0 – 63 = Off, 64 – 127 = On
69Hold 2Another way to “hold notes” (see MIDI CC 64 and MIDI CC 66). However notes fade out according to their release parameter rather than when the pedal is released.
70Sound Controller 1 (default: Sound Variation)Usually controls the way a sound is produced. Default = Sound Variation.
71Sound Controller 2 (default: Timbre/Harmonic Content)Allows shaping the Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF). Default = Resonance –
also(Timbre or Harmonics)
72Sound Controller 3 (default: Release Time)Controls release time of the Voltage controlled Amplifier (VCA). Default = Release
73Sound Controller 4 (default: Attack Time)Controls the “Attack’ of a sound. The attack is the amount of time it takes for the sound to reach maximum amplitude.
74Sound Controller 5 (default: Brightness)Controls VCFs cutoff frequency of the filter.
75-79Sound Controller 6-10 (no defaults)Generic – Some manufacturers may use these to further shape their sounds
80-83General Purpose Controllers (Nos. 5-8)Generic
On/Off switch
0 – 63 = Off, 64 -127 = On
84Portamento ControlControls the amount of Portamento.
91Effects 1 DepthUsually controls reverb send amount
92Effects 2 DepthUsually controls tremolo amount
93Effects 3 DepthUsually controls chorus amount
94Effects 4 DepthUsually controls detune amount
95Effects 5 DepthUsually controls phaser amount
96Data IncrementUsually used to increment data for RPN and NRPN messages.
97Data DecrementUsually used to decrement data for RPN and NRPN messages.
98Non-Registered Parameter Number LSBFor controllers 6, 38, 96, and 97, it selects the NRPN parameter.
99Non-Registered Parameter Number LSB
100Registered Parameter Number LSB
101Registered Parameter Number MSB
120All Sounds OffMutes all sounding notes. It does so regardless of release time or sustain. (See MIDI CC 123)
121Reset All ControllersReset all controllers to default state
122Local ControlTurns internal connection of a MIDI keyboard/workstation, etc. On or Off. If you use a computer, you will most likely want local control off to avoid notes being played twice. Once locally and twice when the note is sent back from
the computer to your keyboard.
123All Notes OffMutes all sounding notes. Release time will still be maintained, and notes held by sustain will not turn off until sustain pedal is depressed.
124Omni OffSets to “Omni Off” mode
125Omni OnSets to “Omni On” mode.
126Mono OnSets device mode to Monophonic
127Poly OnSets device mode to Polyphonic.