How to Add a filter sweep in Studio One 2

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to add a filter sweep in Presonus Studio One.

The filter sweep is a staple technique for electronic musicians, particularly handy for adding pace and tension to transitions and breakdowns in dance music. At its most basic level, it is nothing more than automating an EQ plugin on an audio signal.



1. Add an EQ plugin to an audio/MIDI track



2. Create a Mid Frequency  peak by dragging the green breakpoint up



3. Adjust the MF knob. This will add this parameter to the last touched display in the top left.



4. Click and drag the hand icon to the track which the EQ plugin was inserted on


5. Toggle automation view on/offby tapping ‘a’.
By adjusting the new breakpoint curve you just created, you will be able to automate the value of the MF level over time