How To Tempo Sync By Tapping Tempo In Studio One

In this video tutorial I show how to tempo sync in Studio One by tapping tempo.

The most efficient way to use this trick is with a macro that splits an event on each barline. You can make the macro yourself inside S1, or you can use the one I’ve made. Copy /paste this code into 

How to set up the “Split Each Bar” Macro

Copy/Paste this code from pastebin into your text editor:

Save the file as “Split Each Bar.studioonemacro” Note that you need to change “Save as type” to “All files”, otherwise it will not work

Then you can move the file into your macro folder, which on Windows is C:\Users\\Documents\Studio One\Macros


Here is the full tutorial

EDIT: As of S1 v4, the tempo track has been overhauled, and the Split Each Bar macro no longer splits the tempo track.