How to use keyswitches to cycle between patches in Kontakt 4+

Here’s a multiscript for Kontakt 4+ that allows you to route MIDI input to different MIDI channels based on user-defined keyswitches.

The KS Router multiscript is a powerful system for combining multiple MIDI channels into a single MIDI channel, allowing you to dynamically switch between these MIDI channels by way of latching keyswitches.

This is especially useful if a library uses separate patches for each articulation–that way you can access them all from a single MIDI channel, switching between the articulations using keyswitches.

It also allows you to take advantage of Kontakt’s total of 64 internal MIDI channels, allowing you to maximize the amount of instruments loaded per instance of Kontakt.



1. Download the keyswitch script from orangetree samples: it can be found at


2. Unzip the archive to

Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\presets\Multiscripts


3. In Kontakt, click the script button


The Script Button


4. Click ‘Preset —> User —> KS Router

ks router

ks router


5. You will now see the scripts user interface.





You will need to configure it to suit your needs:

A. Set the starting note. This will be the lowest note on the keyswitch chain. All further keyswitches will be mapped chromatically from this note. You can use the MIDI Learn Button to set this with your MIDI controller.

B. Total Keyswitches: Sets how many keyswitches you want to map

C. Starting Channel: Sets the channel that corresponds to the starting note.


That’s it. Now you can use keyswitches to cycle between patches within an instance of KONTAKT.