A short film I scored recently will be included in the New York City Independent Film Festival.

“Instafamous”, directed by Yunxin Hu, will be shown at the Producers Club, Theater G, 44th Street, New York on the 7th of May at 4:15.

It’s a film about some of the pernicious aspects of social media. In the directors own words:

We construct our personalities with the tropes of social media. An archaeology of platforms like Instagram is an examination of ourselves. The only currency of the social media celebrity is popularity: social media influence is a $200 million industry. Click farms provide thousands of hits, likes and comments at low prices. Our Western ideals of beauty, coolness and popularity are clicked into existence by fingers in developing countries. Vincent V Leonard was a nobody, but he now boasts of 21,000 followers and hundreds of likes per photo. Through Vincent’s social media presence, fragments of physical reality visible in the square crop of Instagram are taken and articulated to delirious lengths in the imaginations of others. Icons multiply themselves across landscapes, out of scale and out of context. Physical reality and virtual reality no longer exist.


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