MIDI Scale Snap presets for Studio One

One thing I really love about Ableton is its MIDI plugins (in particular- MIDI scale snap). Since my primary DAW (Studio One) doesn’t have anything similar out of the box, I went about researching a way to re-create that functionality.

Using a tiny, free plugin by good guys at the piz (http://www.thepiz.org/), I found a way to do it.

  • Load the plugin (MIDI Scale Changer) as an instrument
  • Set its input as your MIDI controller, the output as another VSTi
  • Configure the plugin (optionally using the presets available below)
  • Arm both for record simultaneously

For users of Presonus Studio One, I have programmed quite a few scale presets for Piz “MIDI Scale Changer”, similar to whats available in Ableton. Enjoy!

Download the plugin and presets here:

PIZ MIDI plugins + Presets (Studio One Expert)