Quick Tip: How To Transfer Your Session Templates To A New System

Question: “I just installed Studio One on a new computer.  How can I transfer my old recording templates to it without having to make them all again?”


Transferring Studio One templates from one machine to another is easy! All you need to do is copy & paste the template file from the old installation to the new one. Make sure you back up your templates before doing anything irreversible like formatting your drive. 

By default, Studio One stores user templates in the following folder:

WINDOWS: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Documents\Studio One\templates\v3

MAC: /Users/{USERNAME}/Documents/Studio One/templates/v3

If you are not 100% sure where your user templates are stored, you can simply click on the user tab and right click on one of your templates to reveal where they are stored as shown below:

The important thing is to copy the .songtemplate file (and optionally the images and data files). If you want to copy everything to the new machine, you may as well copy everything in this folder to a USB stick.

Then, once you have installed Studio One on your new computer, paste the files back into this same directory on the new computer. The next time you start the program, your templates will be available just as they were before.

If you have plugins in your template, make sure to re-install those too, otherwise you’ll get errors when the template tries to access a plugin that isn’t there! The same goes for any software Instruments you may have indluded in your templates.