Routing Multi-Timbral Kontakt Instruments To Separate Outputs In Studio One 3

If you’re a Kontakt user running a large project full of virtual instruments, it can be very useful to have multiple patches loaded on a single instance of Kontakt, and route each of those patches to individual channels for mixing and processing. It allows you to consolidate your plugin instances thereby saving processing power. Here’s how!

Insert an instance of Kontakt and load up your patches. In this example, we’ll load up an orchestral woodwind ensemble consisting of

  • Piccolo
  • 2 Flutes
  • Oboe
  • English Horn
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon

Click the “Output” tab.

There is a handy preset that allows you to automate the process of adding and renaming channels. Click Presets/Batch Configuration > Batch functions > Split instruments routed to first output channel to individual outputs.

This automatically creates and renames a channel for each instrument you have loaded.

Now we need to feed MIDI data to each of the channels. I find the handiest way to do this is by duplicating the original track and renaming it manually. Don’t forget to change the output channel to correspond to the input channel of the patch!

Now to the Studio One console. On the instruments pane, open the drop-down menu for Kontakt and choose “Expand.”

This will reveal a list of Kontakt’s output channels. Check the outputs you wish to activate. Since we have 7 different patches loaded, it will be the first 7.

Now rename the devices and outputs. Congratulations…you’re done