Using state-of-the-art sampled orchestral instruments, I can give you the chance to hear your music played by a hyper-realistic digital orchestra. Sampling offers musicians the opportunity to experience their music as interpreted by a symphony orchestra, on a fraction of the time and budget that a live orchestra would require.

I have been producing professional orchestral mockups for many years and can deliver a high-quality orchestral sound that meets your requirements.

This service is intended primarily for :

  • Musicians / Bands / Singer-Songwriters who want to add orchestral accompaniment to their recordings
  • Composers who need their music professionally orchestrated and mocked up

Normally, you would send me your track, we'll figure out exactly what it needs together. After I'm done, I will deliver a mastered mixdown of the track, the complete set of multitracks (24-bit WAV), MIDI, and if needed, a full score in PDF format.


I can write you an original piece of music meeting your exact requirements. As a classically trained composer, naturally I specialize in classical music. Film scores, orchestral cues, piano pieces, chamber ensembles etc are right up my street. Alternatively, I can also write in many other genres. I'll compose anything from large orchestral scores to rock'n'roll. Just let me know the mood/style you need for your piece and I'll cook you up something!

Some common things I get asked to write include:

  • Podcast Intros
  • YouTube Channel Trailers
  • Trailer Music
  • Film Scores
  • Music for Advertisements
  • Music for use at Conferences


More of my music here


The first step in getting your music heard by the world. Send me your demo recording and I will transform it into a radio-ready track. Tell me how you'd like your track to sound and leave the rest to me. I'll oversee the entire process of taking your song from 0 to CD quality.

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