How to set up MIDI scale snap in Studio One

Some of us users of Presonus Studio One really mourn the lack of MIDI tools available out of the box. I for one, miss some of the advanced MIDI tools available in Ableton Live. Happily, there are some third party alternatives we can use and this article demonstrates one such way I have found to be useful. You will need to download some files including a MIDI plugin courtesy of Piz MIDI (



1. Download the files


Go here:

And download the files needed.



2. Extract midiScaleChanger.dll to you your default VST folder.




Extract the midiScaleChanger Presets to your presets folder.

extract 2


3. Scan for new VSTs. Studio One does this automatically each time it starts. If you need to, make sure S1 is configured to scan for new VST plugins on startup.

Scan at startup




4. Add the midiScaleChanger to a new instrument track by dragging it into the session.





5. Import the presets from the presets folder.


import presets



6. Check that the presets imported correctly. If they did, select one that you would like to use.


loadsa presets



7. MidiScaleChanger works in conjunction with other virtual instruments. Add one to the project. I’m using Kontakt for this example






8. Route midiScaleChanger into your VSTi. Track I/O should be configured as in the image.






9. Arm both channels for record so they can both receive MIDI information.


You have successfully set up MIDI Scale mapping in Studio One. Make sure the soundcard latency is set as low as possible, as this technique introduces a bit of latency into the signal chain.